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Plugged in will be commencing on 18 June, and consist of a six day digital research lab of intensive private workshops and public programme.




18.06 Plugged in Resources (these will be updated

throughout the project)

unfolding on Instagram and via WARP bulletin

20.06 Introductions

potluck presentation, chat room free write

21.06 Pedestrain Provocations

group reading, offline walk, collaboration

7pm   Collaborative Prompt

walk exchange, see Instagram




27.06 Context

workshop with Gary-Martin, introduction to Småland with Magnus Grehn, imagining place discussion

7pm Video Release

imagining places mash-up

28.06 Forced Collaboration

group discussion, collaboration

01.07 Collaborative Prompt

chat room free write, see Instagram




04.07 Reading Group Rethink

10.30 Live Reading Relay see Instagram

google doc reading group with Kultivera
+ g39

7pm Cool Down

reading group dissection, sign up here

05.07 We are the Tool Kit

artist led activity, disco

7pm Collaborative Prompt

who’s in your pocket, see Instagram


The project will unfold across these digital spaces:
@site_sit, @kultivera_tranas, @g39cardiff, and @g39warp


*Due to Covoid-19, Artist as Map Maker has been postponed to 2021.

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