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Are there any fees?

We charge 400kr a day and it covers all expenses when it comes to food, accommodation, studio and utilities. 

When can I be in residency?

We have many projects running during the year so receiving individual residents depends on availability.


Who can apply for residence?

The residency is open to Swedish and international artists.


How many artists might be staying at the residency?

A maximum of four artists are usually staying at the residency, but this can be as high as 15 during a festival period.


Should I bring any materials with me? 

We recommend that you bring basic materials. If you cannot carry materials personally, they can be mailed to Kultivera in advance of the residency.


Do you have any open day?

During your stay you are welcome to invite the community for an open day or some other form of open studio event during the residence.


Can I do workshops? 

If you are interested in giving workshops, holding symposiums, or readings we would happily provide you with the materials, space and support structures you might need for this to make it happen.  We have several spaces available in the town and other town for that matter that can be used.


What about food?

We pay for all food consumed in the residency but it is the responsibility of the residents to prepare their own food.


Do I need to bring bed linens or towels?

We provide both bed linens and towels.


Getting around the area?

We provide bikes so you can cycle to the main street or to the lakes and forests around the area.


Can I have visitors during my residency?

Yes, you are welcome to have friends and relatives for short visits during your stay. Your room will have extra beds if they choose to stay overnight. we take a charge of 100kr per night.



If you don’t find the answer you are looking for to a specific question in the FAQ’s please send us an e-mail:

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