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Kultivera operates international cultural programs that are physical, social and creative; that stimulates and inspires both the artists and the local community. We create cross-border meetings between artists, community and industry that allow different areas to fertilize each other in mutual interaction. Kultivera’s idea is to connect several European cultures, and promote democracy, diversity, quality, innovation, diversity and cultural development.

The artist is not bound or isolated to a specific location or place, but is inserted in a typical Swedish small-town situations where they can operate internationally through the local.

Kultivera has conducted several international residency program, where several professional artists from all over the world, have collaborated, worked and lived together in Kraftverket in Tranås.

The most rewarding aspect of our program so far has been the unexpected effects – the interaction with the local and regional communities giving a mix of creativity and cultural awareness that no one could have planned in advance. The community has become more  interested and more aware of their and others cultures and this awareness has become a part of everyday conversation and a concrete experience.

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