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March-December 2019

March 2022-March 2023

Legacy is a collaborative Art project for creating international and intercultural exchange on the issue of multilingualism and explores the way languages influence our culture. Languages penetrate our cultures from rock carvings and pictorial signs to computer screens, from residents to immigrants and assimilate into our common experience.


Legacy is a project on bilingualism and how languages effect our cultural histories. Today a significant number of people are bilingual due to their parents cultural backgrounds, displacement and immigration or education. Although bilingualism in itself is an interesting phenomenon and its possibility is a discussion amongst the scholars; language is a home to many of the people who are displaced, who are feeling estranged and have their ties cut off from a culture that they no longer belong to.


Legacy will use multilingualism as a tool for investigating the common experiences of people and how words, languages and signs / symbols affect our cultural and social life through research-based, experimental, public and participatory works of art which will take place in Tranås.


The project aims at making art accessible to the public and focusing on direct involvement of the audience. Three selected artists will explore Tranås and produce artworks that are either in public places or works that are interactive and comment on the idea of bilingualism or inclusion.


The project focuses on "inclusion" and "welcoming" rather than "assimilation" or "integration". The aim is to include young people in Tranås and new comers who learn a new language it aims to remove the language barrier and include the local population.The idea of showing artworks in unconventional places to increase accessibility and create a sense of curiosity and thinking for young people. Artists coming from different ethnic backgrounds will work in different artistic segments and include the local youth in their projects.


Curated by Seher Uysal and Organized by Kultivera with support from Kulturrådet, Tranås Kommun and Region Jönköpings Län.

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