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Tranås is situated in the middle of southern Sweden between Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm, in the county of Jönköping.


Tranås is about half way between Copenhagen/Malmö and Stockholm on the main motorway E4 and the main rail line. You can book tickets at SJ the Swedish main train service provider.

Linköping Airport
Is located close to town, only ten minutes away from the city centre by car. There are usually taxis waiting outside the terminal building to take you either to the Central Station (Resecentrum) where you can catch a local train.

Norrköping Airport
Is easy to reach and provides good connections to Tranås. There is a bus service that runs from the airport to the train station where you can catch other connections.

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm
The easiest way to travel from Arlanda to Tranås is by train. It takes about three – four hours. For tickets and timetables, please check the national railway company, SJ.

Skavsta Airport, Nyköping
Skavsta Airport is located in Nyköping, between Stockholm and Norrköping. If you arrive at Skavsta you can catch an airport bus (Flygbuss) that will take you to Linköping in about one and a half hours. You can buy your ticket at the airport or online in advance. From there you can get a local train to Tranås.

Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, Denmark
If you arrive at Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen, it is possible to take the train directly from there to Tranås. You can buy tickets at the airport.

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