Research Trips

August 2018

In August 2018 Site Sit completed a two-week research trip in Småland in order to gain an
understanding of the region, develop partnerships and to test the practicalities of a mobile residency

During this time they visited: Tranås, Gränna, Visingsö, Jönköping, Gnosjö, Växjo, Kalmar, Öland, and
Mariannelund; met with potential partners including: Magnus Grehn (Tranås Library Manager), Mike
Bode (Nya Småland), Filip Zezovski Lind (Jönköping Municipality), Kristina Gernes (Gnosjö
Municipality), artist group Kultivator, Anna Mellergård (Konsthall Beteland); and made connections with:
Gränna Museum, Kulturhuset i Jönköping and Kalmar Konstmuseum.

This was supported by Wales Arts International and Kultivera.

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February 2019

Site Sit returned to deliver a talk at Smålit Festival in Jönköping, on the invitation of Filip Zezovski Lind.

Lauren in person and Sophie via skype.

Event texts:

Studio Visit
Artists are often mobile. They respond to different opportunities all over the world, utilising cafes,
libraries, bedrooms, trains and airports as work spaces. As a result, the studio can become an
unjustifiable expense and is substituted by whatever you can carry, or fits in a bag. Site Sit will
exaggerate this mode of working through their residency programme, Restless Practice, which will occur across Smaland in 2020. They will explore the rucksack as the studio, carrying all the materials needed to work as an artist, as well as other necessary equipment for living, such as clothes, food and shelter.


With this in mind, Site Sit invites you to an unconventional studio visit. Meeting at Jönköping Library,
Lauren Heckler will share her approach to this nomadic form of arts practice.


Urban Rural Scale
Through considering where landscape painting, The North Face jackets and homemade jam sit on this scale, we want to examine our associations with these environments; as well as the distinction between the rural, countryside and nature, which often get used interchangeably.


This activity will act as a visual entry point to challenge how our idea of the countryside has been formed and perpetuated through art, farming, popular culture and capitalism.



May 2019

Following on from their talk at the Literature Festival, Jesper O. T. Andersson invited Site Sit to attend a Biosphere Walk arranged for the artists involved with Osterangens Konsthall’s project, Nature Takes Over. Lauren was joined by artist Teddy Hunter on this exciting trip to deepen their knowledge of Småland and make further connections with artists and experts of the region’s culture and ecology.

Through attending talks at Osterangens Konsthall, Lauren met Helena Imland Blom, and discussed RP using her art space, Visingsö Chapel. Teddy and Lauren also connected with Sebastian from
Kulturhuset i Jonkoping and a group of local young artists.


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