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Site Sit


Site Sit is the shared artistic activities of Lauren Heckler and Sophie Lindsey. Together they
develop research, create artworks, deliver workshops and produce projects that examine site
responsive practice.


Through a methodology that embraces the temporary, whilst focusing on ‘site’ as the starting point for exploration, they operate in the contradiction between the continual movement that characterises project to project working, and the desire to create a more in depth, site-conscious exploration of place.


Along with Restless Practice, they are also working on Connecting Cowbridge, a public art
commission by Studio Response on behalf of Taylor Wimpey South Wales.


Follow their projects on Instagram: @site_sit



In order to document our working relationship, and create a self-critical dialogue that deconstructs the frameworks, spaces and language we have chosen, we have created an evolving Google Doc to dissect our decision making process. 


Through this reflective space, we will consider the nature of our collaboration, and make public points of contention, challenge and working out. Feel free to make any comments. 


This will evolve over the duration of the project.

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