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Tranås is an average sized Swedish town not yet a hundred years old, but with a history stretches as far back as the middle ages to the homestead Tranås situated by the mouth of Svartån (Black River) entering the river Sommen. The name Tranås is mentioned in 1407 when the knight Karl Magnusson (Iron Foot) bequeaths Tranås to Vadstenas monastery; specifically referred to salmon fishing at Tranås mill. Tranås mill became in the 1700s a major hub with its location where several county roads crossed each other. In the 1800s the community grew slowly and was called for a period  Lövstad.Tranås became a town in the early 20th century, when the fur and timber industry came to be of great significance in the district due to the abundance of water from lake Sommen and Svartån (Black river). Today Tranås is known for furniture design and manufacturing, all of which started in 1885, when the first wooden chair was manufactured.It was then that the railroad was built going through the area with a station being built creating Tranås town which then became a city in 1919.


Tranås is a beautiful city with its wide main street and the river Svartån flows through the town with parks and walks on the waterfront. Tranås also has Scandinavia’s largest inland marina at the mouth of the lake Sommen.

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