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Margarida Gomes da Silva

Margarida Gomes da Silva

Margarida Gomes da Silva was born in Macau (1995) but raised in Lisbon, Portugal.

From a young age she was interested in the artistic field and today her practice covers communication design, product design, tapestry, drawing, installation, photography and video. She studied Product Design in the artistic high school António Arroio in Lisbon, and received her BA from the School of Fine Arts at Lisbon’s University. Margarida’s work focus is in the exploration of the limits of Design and Art. What are the differences, where they meet and where they diverge. What’s the grey and common area. Can one object be both at the same time. 

Margarida has held numerous exhibitions and installations throughout her education course, Quantic Journey (2014), Cuts (2016), Without Destination (2017), State of Emergency (2017); and she is now working as part of a collective studio in Lisbon.






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