Larsen Husby

Larsen Husby sees himself as an artist working in two distinct but related practices. In his studio practice, Larsen moves frequently between media, including printmaking, painting, sculpture, and installation. He is fascinated by maps, and his art explores the connections (and disconnections) between places and our representations of them. Husby’s other practice is more public and collaborative. In 2013, he established the Minneapolis Art Lending Library (MALL), a nonprofit which lends original works of art to the public, free of charge. Larsen’s work with the MALL stems from my desire to not simply produce art, but to share it broadly and provide new platforms for engagement.A current project of Larsen’s is a conceptual drawing and durational performance, mapping the network of streets that make Minneapolis. Since October 3rd, 2016, Larsen has been attempting to walk every single street in the city of Minneapolis, recording each walk’s route, duration, and distance. Originally conceived as a means of delving more deeply into his adopted home, Larsen hopes to conceive of what it means to truly “know” a place. By tracing Minneapolis, Larsen is exploring how physical and conceptual understandings of place inform and conflict with one another, how place is defined and redefined, and how personal presence impacts place. And now, with the walking about half complete, he is looking ahead to figure out the best way to present his experience, documentation, and research to others in a way that is equally illuminating and engaging.



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