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Jonas Ellerström

Jonas Ellerström

Jonas Ellerström has spent most of his adult life writing, reading, translating, editing
and in other ways working with literature. His main interest is poetry, although he
very much appreciates the essay form as well, and sees poetry criticism and studies
as a natural extension of poetry itself.
JE is also a musician, performing and recording with post-punk band Blago Bung and
electronic project Spektrum. His main instrument is the electric bass guitar. Some of
his writing is also on music. He does not differentiate between ”popular” and
”classical” music.
When not reading, writing etc, JE spends as much time as he can birdwatching. He is
a so-called global birder, and has compiled a list of nearly 5000 species seen
worldwide. This does not make him more than an average birder. Not surprisingly, he
has also written on birds and birdwatching, and is currently finishing a book on the
wren (Troglodytes troglodytes), that also deals with poetry and folklore on this small
JE lived for many years in Lund, a university town in the very south of Sweden, but
moved to Stockholm a dozen years ago. He misses the countryside where he grew
up, but has no intention and sees no possibility of him going back.

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