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Meira Ahmemulic

Meira Ahmemulic is an artist and writer. She has a master's degree in Fine Arts from the Valand Academy, Gothenburg. Displacements, migration, class and language are central themes in her work. In several of her pieces she has focused on first-generation migrant workers, their children and grandchildren, i.e. second- and third-generation immigrants. She draws frequent inspiration from her upbringing in the Gothenburg suburb of Angered and the contradictions in Swedish society surrounding class, language, immigration, work and racism.

In several of her works she returns to the Swedish language and how it is used to keep people outside the "Swedish community" and “Swedishenss". The video “One language needs to win” (2016) describes how young people in the suburbs turn against the Swedish language, just as it turns against them.

Meira Ahmemulic is also active as a writer and has published several essays in journals, such as Ord&Bild and Glänta, as well as the book City of Names (Glänta).


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