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Fra Beecher

Fra Beecher

Fra Beecher is a graduate in Photographic Art from the University of Wales, Newport. She currently lives in Cardiff, where she works in a public Library.Born in Gloucestershire, in 1986, Fra grew up on the outskirts of a small village, where she lived in the same house until she moved to Newport in 2006. This family home has since become the subject of a long-term ongoing photography project.Fra’s photography focuses primarily on the relationship between memory and place. She is particularly interested in the places people inhabit and the things they own; the memories they evoke and the stories that they tell.Fra is an avid cyclist, and recently cycled across Denmark, documenting her journey through photographs and writing. She is looking forward to making links with the local community in Tranås, and exploring the surrounding area with her bicycle and her camera.


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Connecting Creativity AiR 2014

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