Andrew Kenny

Andrews work comprises of paintings, installation and video work.The majority of Andrews work is a response to a number of paranormal and fortean related phenomena particularly the idea of thoughtography. Thoughtography or Nensha, is the process of willing an image into existance in this case onto undeveloped polaroid film. This idea is his main focus of his current work and can be seen in his approach in his paintings, which are large portraits painted on roof felt. These paintings mimic the process of developing polaroid film and in turn explore the idea of what an image pertains to be. Kenny’s video , drawings and installation work also explores these ideas.Andrew graduated from the Wexford School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2008 having previously studied for three years at the Gorey School of Art. Since graduating he has undertaken shows nationwide and has done extensive research in various paranormal phenomena including spirit photography, Thoughtography, ESP, telepathy, out of body experiences etc and produced experimental works which has led to his latest body of work – Felt

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