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Call for participation in the Legacy project

Uppdaterat: 1 dec. 2022

You live in Tranås or in the outskirts?

You have an experience of multilingualism?

Participate in LEGACY project

We are looking for participants for Legacy project

Legacy is an art project about languages and multilingualism taking place at Kultivera AiR Tranås. It is a collaborative project and aims to create international and intercultural exchange. It explores how languages influence our culture, how it penetrates cultures from rock carvings and pictorial signs to computer screens. They are dynamic and ever changing.

Today a significant number of people are bilingual due to their family backgrounds, immigration or education. They learn languages through the schools, courses and curriculums and they also live in closed communities or open ones.

Legacy will use multilingualism as a tool for investigating the common experiences of people and how words, languages, signs and symbols affect our cultural and social like through research based, experimental and participatory artworks which will take place in Tranås.

Ines Lampreia* will be the resident artist at Kultivera’s residency program between 4 to 9 April and will be open for discussions and debates on the idea of bilingualism, she will also create a series of workshops both at Kultivera as well as online.


- The participation is open to any person with the life experience of multilingualism, inde-pendently of age and nationality

- Able to write in 2 languages (simple sentences and texts)

- To any person free to have at least two presential meetings from 4 to 9 of April at Kultivera; meeting hour to be confirmed

- People able to compromise with a collaborative process in the next 3 months (mostly through online connection)

Want to take part? Please leave a message at

*Inês Lampreia writes fiction and poetic prose. She won the Alentejo House Award in short fiction in 2012 and has been published by Pasárgada Editions, Centro Mário Cláudio and several literary magazines from different countries. She writes monthly the Chronicles of Post-Normality for the portuguese cultural news platform Cof-feepaste.

Conceive and develop workshops and projects with alternative teaching methods in the areas of visual poetry, language codes and education for media, over the last fifteen years, in institutions such as the Calouste Gul-benkian Foundation. She was one of the writers of the project Young Writers Lab - An International Collabora-tive Laboratory for Writers &Students.


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