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Sarita Zaleha

Sarita Zaleha

Sarita Zaleha has a multidisciplinary creative practice that includes installation, photography, video, printmaking, fiber arts, and social practice. Zaleha received her MFA in Printmaking at the University of Iowa with a minor in Intermedia. Zaleha has exhibited her work extensively across the US, as well as in Canada, Germany, and Iceland. She is a fiscal year 2017 recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in Visual Arts.


Sarita Zaleha’s current work explores the interaction between the Arctic as a specific place impacted by rising temperatures and human attempts to observe, control, and preserve their immediate environments. She is interested in the history of polar exploration and its contemporary relevance for climate change research. Sarita is looking to use her time at Kultivera experimenting with weighted helium balloons in temporary landscape installations, researching balloons in relationship to weather and the environment. Her research will include a visit to the Andréexpedtionen Polarcenter at the Grenna Museum in Gränna, Sweden, which chronicles (among other Arctic explorations) Saloman August Andrée’s failed attempt in 1897 to cross the Arctic via a hydrogen balloon.


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