Milica Denković

Milica Denković

Milica Denkovic (1983) finished MA New Media Arts at Academy of Novi Sad. Worked as aphotojournalist at various music festivals and gigs, also worked as a documentary photographer and archivist for Youth club CK13, documenting workshops, lectures, poetry events and music gigs.Her photographs are included in book about Novi Sad punk scene 1978-2013 called Novi Sad punk version and in monograph of Novi Sad punk band Goodbye Bruce Lee. Won two awards for her documentary photographs on Novi Sad photomarathon for collection and for the best photo.As an artist she was a part of various group or solo exibitions in her country and abroad, some residencies including Tranås Stadsbibliotek Art Residency, where she worked on her exploration of space of local library and user experience of the same place. In Tranås she met Magnus Grehn, who introduced her to Tranås punk scene from 70's and 80's, showing her some of the letters and his correspondence from that time. Explaining the way they arranged gigs or shared music via this communication channel. He also stated that he got a tape from punk band from 80's from Novi Sad called Pekinska Patka, which gain my interested more broadly for correspondence from that period, with people from ex-Yugoslavia.Her works are recently commissioned on the state contest for the contemporary visual arts by the Rectory - University library of Novi Sad. Today Milica Denkovic cooperates as a photographer for cultural platform, documenting poetry events of new generations of Novi Sad and Serbia poets and writers and is in process of application for Phd studies of Scene Design. Her interested in this letters are also triggered by the fact, that she used to write slam poetry and to perform it live. So she would also like to see, more of this letters and their poetics.​Milica Denkovic (1983) har Masterexamen i New Media Arts vid Novi Sads universitet. Hon har arbetat som fotograf vid olika musikfestivaler och konserter, och jobbat med att dokumentera och arkivera evenemang på Youth Club CK13, som workshops, föreläsningar, poesiföreställningar och konserter. Hennes foton är med i en bok som handlar om punkscenen i Novi Sad 1978-2013 och i en monografi om Goodbye Bruce Lee, ett punkband från Novi Sad. Har vunnit två priser i Novi Sads fotomaraton för bästa samling och bästa foto. Som konstnär har hon haft flera utställningar i hemlandet och utomlands och medverkat i olika residens, bland annat i Tranås. Hennes arbete har blivit uttaget till en landsomfattande tävling i samtida visuell konst av Rectory - Novi Sads universitetsbibliotek. Idag samarbetar hon med den kulturella plattformen, dokumenterar poesievenemang med unga poeter och författare i Novi Sad och Serbien och ska doktorera i scendesign.


Milica Denković finished master studies of New Media Arts on Academy of Arts in Novi Sad –  department New Media Arts. She was part of the many group exibitions in Serbia and abroad (Sweden, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia.). Member of Art Association of Vojvodina. Field of work: digital

photography and illustration. She is constantly upgrading herself numerous profession workshops, courses, hackathons and residencies regarding photography, web and game design. She is instersted in

transmedia storytelling in the area of photography and new media. Currently is in editorial bord of web culutral platform