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Michael Holt

Michael Holt

A musician based in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts (1968 ) , and raised in New York City.


In 2007, Holt began spending an increasing amount of his time on the road, mainly as a solo artist, and also with The Mommyheads. In 2010, he made his folk-rock flavored album “The Dawn Chorus” with his band The Kids. Discovering a passion for house concerts, he began focusing his tours on them. His 2011 “Make Our Own Culture Tour” consisted of 60 intimate living room gatherings across North America and Europe, featuring a variety of other performers and participatory activities. In 2012, he released his ’70s-pop tinged album “Jubilation!” and played on Bob Wiseman’s record “Giulietta Masina at the Oscars Crying.” He also played a European “Transition Culture Tour” of 40 intimate concerts followed by talking circles, in support of the Transition Towns sustainability movement.

Holt’s interest in house concerts widened to include all kinds of cultural activities in the home. In 2014, he co-organized Toronto’s First Annual Festival of House Culture, a weekend of theater, music, visual arts, poetry, comedy, film, food, conversations, and workshops, all in people’s homes.

In 2015, Holt released “24 Preludes for Piano,” a double album of original classical pieces inspired by early 20th Century composers such as Maurice Ravel, Alexander Scriabin, and Erik Satie. He also put on Toronto’s Second Annual Festival of House Culture, this time with 19 events, and simultaneous programming in two different neighborhoods

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