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Martin Holm

Martin Holm

Martin Holm (b.1985 in Köping, SWE) is a visual artist based in Gothenburg. His studies include a BFA at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, UK (2008), and a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, Sweden (2014).

Holm’s artistic practice is probably best described as a studio-based investigation into the correlation of pop-culture (literature, cinema, music~), cartography, history and philosophy. While his movement forward is firmly grounded in painting, recurring elements in his works include collage, assemblage and recycling, all used in both material ways and on an idea-based level. Through his works he explores paths into alternative spaces, places where events are not necessarily bound by time, the laws of physics, geometric perspectives or social constructions. The studio production is an attempt, by all available means, at coming to terms with the chaos of the contemporary.

See more of his work at CV

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