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Laura Bianco

Laura Bianco

Laura Bianco is an Italian filmmaker, animator and visual artist, with a particular focus on video editing,
compositing and still photography. She holds a BA (Hons) in Media Design and Multimedia Art from NABA (New
Academy of Fine Arts) of Milan, city where she lives and works. Her videos have been screened in film festivals,
cultural events and art galleries in Italy and abroad.
Laura’s artistic work is focused on the process of storytelling and on the mythopoesis of everyday life and its
various ways of determining our own perception of the space-time.
In her videos, past, present and future, inner space and the outside, reality and imagination are constantly
pouring themselves into each other. She gets lost inside her images together with the viewer and she finds
herself again as a new-born creature, building up a process that may be searching for an answer to the
ambiguous structure of human identity.
Her artistic practice is characterized by a mixture of genres and techniques, by the practice of reusing found
footage and by the exploration of unconventional ways of storytelling.
Working mostly at the intersection between documentary, experimental films and animation, for the rest of
her time she keeps herself busy with traveling, sinking in others’ lives, writing down her dreams and expirencing the slowest possible walk.
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