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Kristina Skantze

Kristina Skantze

Kristina Skantze is an artist working with puppet-like sculptures. Her figures are mainly made of textile, shaped by millions of visible and invisible stitches. Kristina has a BFA in textile art from Gothenburg Academy of Design and Crafts and in 2016 she finished her MFA studies at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Since 2009 she has been developing her own sculpturing technique to make handsewn body parts that she has exhibited in Sweden and internationally since 2010, e.g. in Japan, US and Latvia.


Kristina is also working with film and performance where people interact with her figures. She is currently taking part in the huge collaborative art and performance project “Satan’s Triology” in Stockholm, where one of her puppets plays a leading role.

Handicraft can work as a way to stay present and focused, but also as a tool to initiate conversations. How is this visible in the final piece? How do the figures come to life through the imagination of the spectators, depending on the context they are placed in? These are important questions in Kristinas artistic practice.

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