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Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy

Using diffuse and often fragmented imagery Jonathan presents the viewer with manifested emotional landscapes and fluid thought forms. The work itself is intuited rather than planned, with the creative processes being explored much like a fisherman casting a line into the everflowing river of the subconscious mind.The work is presented on multiple layers of glass or perspex giving it further depth and dimension, manipulating the viewers idea of the space contained within the frame.


As an extension of his work Jonathan writes extensively on the subjects that his work observes or contains. Much like his painting style fluid poetry and lyrical prose discuss themes such as life and death or love and loss, all framed within a philosophy or spiritualism borne of connectivity and the rawness of emotion and the human condition.

Murphy is currently the resident artist of Wexford Arts Centre in ArtPanther studios which he co­founded in 2015. He has organised and exhibited extensively in Ireland with his most recent show being a group show in the Pigyard Gallery Wexford.

In 2006 he was commissioned to do three works for the Wexford Credit Union and in 2010 he was awarded the JFK Dunbrody Award. All other works are in private collections.

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