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Gözde Robin

Gözde Robin

Currently, she works as a cultural manager and artist, in Toulouse, France and in Istanbul, Turkey. She works for the CRICAO Association as the manager for the European Creative Quarters Project. ( In addition, She is the founding president of ARTIT Association and its artistic director. ( Also, she has a position as one of the coordinators for, the International Istanbul Biennial, the International Canakkale Biennial and International Canakkale Children’s Biennial.



In 2009 she obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies in Bogazici University, Istanbul. She continued her studies in Uppsala University, Sweden (2011-2012) with a focus on EU Cultural Policy and European Integration and in the University of Strasbourg, France, with a focus on the contextual Art History of Europe, in order to trace methods of using the Fine Arts as a unifying element and a mechanism of integration. (2012-2013) Currently she is continuing her academical reseach in the University of Toulouse in the Department of Art History.


Painting is her passion. She sees it as a bridge between her conscious self and unconscious self. She paints on wood-panels and make sculptures out of tree roots. She likes to use natural tree materials because of their inspiring smell and unique texture and avoids using chemical materials.  She makes her own paints by using natural materials such as onion skin, beetroot, walnut, and tree leaves.



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