Gökçe Sandal

  Gökçe Sandal is a recent graduate of Western Languages and Literatures. She currently resides in İstanbul, Turkey. Her research interests include gender studies, mainly specializing in suppressed homosexuality of women characters in different national and cultural contexts. Her academic work explores gendering practices and women’s identifications with non-normative bisexual and homosexual identifications within the public and private sphere in works of literature from diverse backgrounds. She focuses on different gendering practices in fictional narratives in order to reveal the interrelation between art, reality and gender; as art problematizes what is normalized in real life by pointing at the silenced, non-normative identifications of gender.



Currently she is involved in the organization and coordination of several national and international projects within the area of arts and culture. Recently, she is particularly interested in online feminist art and is collaborating with local photographers in works that deal with the concept of femininity. The resulting works have been published in various online magazines worldwide.

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