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Freke Räihä

Freke Räihä

Poet and critic born 1978 in Stockholm with Finnish and Westrobothian decent,

now residing in the rural Degeberga with its majestic surroundings close to ocean and forest.

Freke has published two collections of poetry in English and about 15 in Swedish. Most of it anchored in documents and archives.

On the site you can read more about and find links to published poetry and essays from press and magazines.

Freke holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Lund University and has a BA in Publishing Studies.

Years have also been spent at Skurups Folkhögskola, Konstfack, Malmö University as well as Linneaus University.

Aside from reading and writing poetry Freke also runs a (very) small press – the FRF – and takes on graphic work and other freelance jobs.

As poetry is concerned the graphic outlay is just as important as the words and sounds themselves.

Freke teaches poetry at Jönköping University at an hourly basis.

In 2018 Smockadoll Press will publish the artistic research ”Vittnesbörda”,

a poem which centres around the WWII archive Voices from Ravensbrück.


Photo by: Anna Drvnik

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