Bláithín Mac Donnell

Artists BioBláithín Mac Donnell MFA Royal College of Art London, 2015 and BA Arts Practice Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2012. Recent residencies include artist in residence at The National Folk Theatre Ireland 2013 and a group residency in Sweden resulting in an exhibition as part of the European City of Culture Skellefeå Art Programme. Recent exhibitions include performances at The Function Room, London, The Library Space, Battersea and live performances for Echo Radio, London. A commission of works for Culture Night 2013 made alongside the National Photographic Archive was exhibited at the National Gallery Ireland and The Committee of Regions Brussels. Bláithín co-curated The State of Things, a series of talks, screenings and live performances at The Royal College Of Art London.Artists Statement


There is an overarching concern within my practice of the need to fix an image in the specifics of time, place and narrative. Storytelling is used as a way to ground an intangible image and relocate it in the now. The act of storytelling is performed and intertwines with the idea of image making itself so that the narrative becomes images in the mind. Highly descriptive language is used in an attempt to both fix and unfix the viewer in the specificity of the gallery space. Taking events rooted in fact and layering them alongside personal stories the narrative folds and unfolds itself as the specifics of objects, places and people are assembled and reassembled. This retelling of events and re sharing of images is not only reflective of the tradition of storytelling but engages in what it means to share images in todays world post Internet. How do we share and retell events in the age of instant communication. The viewer faced with a one person narrative is forced to call upon their own visual realm and remake the image within their own mind so that the space in which the story is told becomes the image.

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