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Çağrı Saray

Çağrı Saray

1979 born in Istanbul, lives and works in İstanbul

Assoc. Prof. in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts.

10 Solo Exhibitions since 2001 including “Diminishing Time” (2015, Primary Greek School, İstanbul, Turkey), “Grey

Corridor” (2013, Cite Internationale Des Arts, Paris, France), “4/12: Topography of a House” (2011, Daire Gallery,

İstanbul, Turkey), “Memory Boxes-1” (2001, Atatürk Library, İstanbul, Turkey).

Selected Group Exhibitions among 80 local and international exhibitions “Raptures and Convergences” (2014, Kuad

Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey), “3rd International Çanakkale Biennial” (2012, Çanakkale, Turkey), “Where Fire Has Struck”

(2011, Depo, İstanbul, Turkey).

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