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Hemingway experimented on by the artist

Uppdaterat: 16 jan. 2023

Multi-disciplinary artist Milica Denkovic (Serbia) will run two short workshops with students from Holaved High School. The first will introduce elements of her artistic practice that integrates visual arts and literature. She will give an outline of the relationship between graphic and visual elements as representations of literature and using examples of her own work will explain how visual representations can be creative tools for learning and understanding of abstract concepts. After discussing Ernest Hemingway’s short story, The end of something, students will partake in a practical arts workshop where they will consider space, memory and identity. Applying the idea of an internal and external landscape and using space as an expression of our emotions, the students will investigate the importance in literature of what is unsaid, in relations to what is said, in order to clearly convey a message and meaning.


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