Ferhat Mahir - Philosophy and poetry - Passion for Words

Söndag 24 februari 2019 kl. 17:00–18:00

Storgatan 17 i Tranås

Come and see the recording of Ferhat Mahir - Philosophy and poetry - Passion for Words, from At the Fringe 2018. Philosophical poetry poetic philosophy a discussion about the borders between poetry and philosophy, feelings and thoughts. Accordingly, can we say that poetry is about feelings and philosophy about thoughts? Can these two really be separated? Can we reach our feelings without thinking, can we think exempt from our feelings? AT THE FRINGE 2019 29 June-6 July SAVE THE DATE Ett program producerat av SPEGEL för Kultivera i samarbete med Kulturens. ------------------------------ Det här är ett evenemang som ingick i at the Fringe-festivalen 30 juni - 7 juli 2018 som koordinerades av Kultivera