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Bildhuggarverkstad 2017 - 2019

Upon reading Torbjörn Skobe’s book Inte Bara en Verkstad, Seher Uysal started to research the workshop and interviewed some of the last remaining links to PJ Carlsson’s Bildhuggeri. She has collected information on some of the many artists who worked at Bildhuggarverkstad, collected legends about the place, examined some of the replicas and decorative objects that were produced at the workshop and more importantly has been exploring the place as a site of local heritage.

Bildhuggarverkstad or A Story in Six Chapters in turn questions the issue of heritage and space and its maintenance. How do we deal with cultural heritage? Do we need to turn everything into a mausoleum? Which issues and topics make a site relevant to our cultural history?

The artist will present a series of one day installations in the space in situ, each forming a chapter in the the project:

- Site as Heritage or The Time Capsule
- Reimagining the Workshop or People Make the Place
- Riksspelman or Åke Plays Polska
- "Probably” Lill-Arthur or Amor Vincit Omnia
- Copies or Fritt efter John Bauer
- Torbjörn Skobe or the Chronicler

The installations tell the unfolding story of the workshop and investigate different issues about the site. The first three site specific installations are scheduled to be shown in Spring and the latter three during the Summer 2019. The small studio will be made accesable for public view on the designated days.

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