Petra Stenvall

Petra Stenvall is an artist and Co-Founder of TjejLand, a creative, curative platform which showcases female artists. She was born in north of Sweden and has been living in London, UK for the last 6 years. 2012 she graduated from her BA (HONS) Photography degree at London College of Communication. 2013 her graduation project ‘The Return Home’ was selected by The Photographers Gallery and exhibited in their show FreshFaced + WildEyed. This coming fall she is collaborating with the photo archive of Storuman county to exhibit and display old images with new produced work by herself. Petra works mainly with photography and tends to mix her own photographs with found imagery and text: “My work is about the nostalgic feeling I have towards home, it is my detachment from it that has harbored a fascination with the imagery and texts of romanticism and mythological art. A desire to reconfigure memory and dive into a world of my own creation which involves mythical landscapes, portraits, found imagery and text

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