Jonas Bengt Svensson

Jonas Bengt Svensson is a poet/writer born in 1970. He lives in Malmö, Sweden. For a couple of years he was one of the editors of the literary magazine Serum. For a while he also ran the small press publishing ”668 Förlag”. He’s been published in several magazines and anthologies, in Sweden and elsewhere. So far he has published three books; two poetry collections and one collection of columns about football (soccer that is!). He has translated writing by Irving Stettner, Bill Knott and Billy Childish into Swedish. After a period of writer’s block he recently discovered drawing – as a kind of desperate substitute – and ended up having a 5-page comic accepted for AltCom’s anthology in July 2016. With a rediscovered self esteem he is now eagerly trying to combine poetry and comics.

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