Helene Mourrier

Helene Mourrier

Hélène Mourrier is a frenchy visual artist and a queer graphic designer. H. developed first her skills in design, from graphic to medical and scientific illustration with a specification on transidentity ; s/he realized in 2011 two booklets (FT*/MT*) in collaboration with OUTrans an activism transfeminism association, on trans surgery, at the Graduate School of Arts and Printing Industry Estienne in Paris. S/he entered than the National Superior Art School of Paris and decided to lead her work on LOVE. S/he combined until her diploma (in 2015) queer militants practices (T-DOR, Existrans, OUTrans communication…), professional feminist freelance graphic design (CNRS, Collectif CSS, Sorbonne communication…) and extend her shapes into her personal work-of-art, elaborating a neo-langage stemming from TFD spaces (Trans-Fag-Dyke) in order to convert straightness.


co-founded the Summer Camp in 2013, a meeting platform for young artists and rural places, is invested in the association Les Rencontres Internationales de Lure, a type lecture-festival and club all week-end-night-long to spread joy and fight against standards.

Today H. combines her knowledge in the field of graphic design, textile and ceramic to create objects that we miss.

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