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Diana Jabi

Diana Jabi

Diana Jabi is a visual artist and flâneur of mixed Syrian and Romanian origins, although she identifies herself as a “World citizen”.


Having been born in Damascus, in 1982, she studied and completed her middle education between Syria and Romania. She enlisted in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Damascus, where she studied engraving and graphic arts, graduating as a Valedictorian from the Department of Engraving in 2004.

Starting in 2008, Diana has been living in Barcelona, where she attended the PAiR Produccions Artistiques i Recerca Official Masters Program at the Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona, receiving her masters degree in 2010. She is now developing her PhD proposal.

Even before graduation, Diana has been active in various artistic workshops and exhibitions, in Syria and abroad. She has been part of the workshop in mixed printing imparted by Danish artist Lars Munthe in Damascus, 2004. Likewise, in 2005, she participated in “Colors of Damascus” Workshop in Mustapha Ali Art Space in Damascus, and “The Summer School” of Darat Al-Funun, in Amman, Jordan, under the supervision of Syrian artist Fouad Dalloul. In 2007, she participated in the “ECUME inter-Mediterranean Art Schools Symposium” hosted by Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, as both participant and supervisor, after being contracted as an assistant professor of the Department of Engraving that same year.

In 2008 Diana started her long term collaboration with AllArtNow Organization, being one of the participants in the “Here I Stand” Visual project at the AllArtNow Space, Damascus. As a part of the artistic collective of AllArtNow, Diana was a participant in many events and exhibitions, like, to name a few: the “AllArtNow 1st International Video Art Festival”,Damascus 2009; “Mosaic” visual project about diversity, ethnicity & coexistence in the Syrian society, AllArtNow Space, Damascus, 2012; “City in Transformation” video art program; “At The Plague”, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, 2015; “I will Never Get Used to Wait” Hinterland Gallerie, Vienna, 2015, Hangmen Kunsthall, Stockholm, 2015, TYS Udstillingsstedet, Copenhagen, 2015; “Make a Change” Kultur Centrum, Ronneby, Sweden, 2016.

As a professional flâneur, Diana may be found mainly blending in with the crowds observing the spectacle of the city streets. If not, she can be contacted at

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