Amanda Selinder

Amanda Selinder is a fiber artist and natural dyer currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden.  She has a BFA from Gothenburg academy of design and crafts and School of visual arts in New York. With the point of departure in natural dyeing, Amanda examines various types of fermentation processes, cultures of microorganism and the manner in which her body affects and participates with them, over time. What drives her work forward is a fascination and curiosity for the non-human bodies that the human bodies live in symbiosis with. How do we communicate with the creatures that form such a crucial part of us? In her performances she’s questioning if her body really ends at the skin. Is her body just an extension of the bacterial culture? What happens if we change our Cartesian dualistic perspective into a post-humanistic point of view where the boundaries between nature/culture fusions together? What happens if we stop thinking the world circulates around the human species and confesses the essential of other body’s existence?


In Amanda’s artistic research it’s important to get to know the materials she’s working with. It’s important to spend time with them and trying to understand how they are changing over time and why. How do they smell, taste and feel like? There are so many living processes going on everywhere in and around us; but we can’t see them because of the limitations of our senses. To grow large-scale bacterial cultures and starting large-scale fermentation vats therefore feels vital for understanding the power of other bodies. A lot of her work is about to visualizing what we normally don’t see or think about but is crucial for the human existence. Getting to know these living processes has been significant when it comes to questioning her own bias of what it really means to live as a human being on earth today.


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