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Inês Lampreia

Inês Lampreia writes fiction and poetic prose. She won the Alentejo House Award in short fiction in 2012 and has been published by Pasárgada Editions, Centro Mário Cláudio and several literary magazines from different countries. She writes monthly the Chronicles of Post-Normality for the portuguese cultural news platform Coffeepaste.

Lampreia conceives and develop workshops and projects with alternative teaching methods in the areas of visual poetry, language codes and education for media, over the last fifteen years, in institutions such as the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Conceived and was one of the writers of the project Young Writers Lab - An International Collaborative Laboratory for Writers &Students. Currently she developing the project Gestures or Acts of Dis-appearance in the Legacy Project, curated by Seher Uysal.


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