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Uppdaterat: 17 juni 2020

Restless Practice is an on-going research project led by artist duo Site Sit. It examines the ecology of productivity within artistic practice, to consider what resources, infrastructure and relationships are necessary for a portable, site responsive practice to be truly sustainable.

In this context, ‘restlessness’ is defined as both a productive and exhausting strategy that characterises project-to-project working. This approach is simultaneously exciting, as it generates ideas, makes connections and invigorates work, whilst also being draining, in a physical, emotional and creative sense.

This research takes the form of residencies, workshops and conversations in order to navigate our relationship to place and artistic process through travel, mapping and digital technology.

*Due to Covoid-19, this mobile research has been postponed to 2021. There will instead be a condensed digital iteration of the project occuring this May/June. More details to be released soon.


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